How to Make Passive Income by Writing A Blog.

What is this site about?

If you are a blogger or planning to start a blog, this is the right place for you.

I’ll be sharing all the useful tips and ideas that I go through on my journey to become a successful digital nomad on this site.

I intend to learn and make stable passive income by writing articles and sharing my knowledge online.

Most the information I will be sharing here are based on my own experiences and things I learnt from successful digital nomads like Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Blog or Nathan Barry, to name a few.

Why I Created This Site

This site, BecomeDigitalNomad was created with a few important purposes.

Let’s be honest, 9-to-5 job sucks! It doesn’t give us freedoms and it doesn’t really pay your bills these days!

Since I’m also trying to become a successful digital nomad, I may as well note down the paths I took so I could help other like-minded people like you.

As there’s a saying: “Build others to build yourself”.

I want to create values and provide insights to help you do the same.

Throughout the many years, I have seen far too many bloggers who have failed their blogging business without knowing what went wrong and why.

Many of them tried to be full-time bloggers or try to sell their products online without knowing the right way to do it.

There are too many outdated guides and courses that teach you how to become a digital nomad.

The worst part is, most of them are either charging you high fees while asking you to follow through a complex but outdated model that may not be working anymore in today’s Internet.

Thus, I want to have a voice in this space to share with you what I did, what worked and what didn’t, so you don’t have to waste time repeating mistakes that I have made to become a digital nomad.

So Who Is Behind This Blog?

Hey! My name is FlikTeoh and here’s my story…

I started as a web developer turned blogger back in the year 2006.

During that time, I have already managed dozens of websites both for myself and my clients.

I have also provided consultations to my clients to improve and grow their businesses online.

In the year 2013, I became a full-time marketing personnel to help my family businesses. But it turns out, I did not like the corporate lifestyle.

My passions for online marketing has been growing stronger throughout the years.

And after much deep thoughts in May 2016, I have decided, I need to do this.

I started writing this blog in an attempt to make a stable income by blogging.

If You Need Help, Talk to Me

I know that sometimes it is inevitable to encounter problems. Especially those that you are not familiar with.

While you might learn a lot from the posts on this site, there might be times where the answers to your problems could not be found here.

I hope to connect with you and try my best to give help when you needed them.

So, come by and say Hi to me!

You can get connected with me on:

If you, like me, are looking to become a digital nomad, read more about starting a blog here.

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