Your blogging journey begins with your topic selection. It is the hardest but most important part of building a successful blog.

​In my previous article, I have shared with you the 9 reasons why I think you should start blogging.

Your blogging journey begins with your topic selection. It is the hardest but most important part of building a successful blog.

In this post, I hope to provide more advice before you jump straight into writing your blog and got lost half way then give up.

Choosing a Topic

This is the first big decision and the most important one when starting a blog. Unfortunately, it is also where everything can go wrong.

Before you decide what topic to write for your blog, ask yourself these question:

  • Do your blog topic help other people?
  • Are you able to share it with your parents?
  • Are you genuinely passionate about the topic?

If you answer “yes” to all these questions, then you can go ahead writing for this topic.

If any of your answers are otherwise, chances are you won’t be able to write it for long.

Don’t pick a subject to write just because you see others are making money writing about it.

Try to avoid writing something you’re very passionate about, but very few people would actually be looking for.

And also remember not to write too diverse range of subjects. Your blog must focus on the topic you initially choose and stay focused on that subject.

What If You’re Lack of Ideas?

For people who have no idea what to write about, I would usually tell them to write down a list of their hobbies, passions, experiences or skill in all areas of their life.

Take that list and filter it through with the questions I have shared above, then identify your reasons for writing.

Writing a blog is about sharing what you know and what you’re learning.

Think of topics that people want to know and stick with that topic and even sub-topics that you’re very familiar within.

Think long term!

Will you have any contents to write in the next 6—12 months?

Are you able to expand that particular topic into more detailed posts?

Case Study: Blog Topic + Focus Matters

An Australian man named Alborz Fallah began blogging by creating three blogs on topics that he enjoyed and believed had potential to become successful.

  1. A blog about Cars
  2. Going out in his hometown (Brisbane)
  3. Windows Vista (during its pre-launch)

He ended up writing only one post a month on his Windows Vista blog, one post a week to the Brisbane blog and one post a day on his car blog.

Guess which one of his blog took off and became successful?

Yep! His car blog!

Alborz Fallah eventually dropped the other two blogs and focused his energy on his one main blog, which became a massive success when the business turned over around $7 million!

All of the topics he chose had potentials and he had interest in, but only one came out on top because of two reasons:

  1. He found he was most passionate about cars, so much so that he enjoyed writing one or more articles per day to his blog.

  2. The car blog received the best response from the market – he built an audience.

Could you have imagined where would he be today if he chose the Windows Vista blog?

Choosing a Domain Name

Once you have thought of and decided what topic you’re going to write about, it would be time to buy a domain name for your new blog.

A domain name is the Internet address of your blog. For example, this site is using the domain name

Although you can just use your name as your domain, it is much advisable to choose a domain name that matches your brand or your blog topic well.

You will also want your readers to be able to remember your blog address easily.

These are a few factors to consider when choosing a domain name for your blog.

  • In the Human Perspective - Readability and the ease of it to say and remember.

    Your domain should be very easy to read and remember. Don’t use any hard to understand names like which people may not able to differentiate between Teacher Stalking and Teachers Talking and some other names that are too long to remember.

  • In a Brand Perspective — Uniqueness, what your brand says about you.

    You will almost always want people to know what your site is about in the shortest amount of time and without having them to decipher what your domain means. It is advisable to also try your best to stay unique and not to get into legal troubles with copyright and trademark.

  • In the Search Engine Perspective - Choose a domain with relevant keywords

    Using highly relevant keywords in your domain will help your blog to rank better in the search engine results. This will help those people who are searching for exactly what your blog provides.

And of course, most of the highly relevant generic keywords like, are usually taken up. Try to be creative and find ones that are really unique and meaningful to your blog.

Where to go from here?

Now that you have done reading this far, you should probably have enough ideas what to write for your blog and what domain name to use.

Just one more thing to remember.

Focus on writing your contents for humans. Think of what you, yourself would like to read as an audience before you hit the publish button.

Thank you for reading!

If you haven’t, you can follow this guide to start your own blog.

P/S: You can read more about Alborz Fallah here.

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