As every one of us are shrinking our physical possessions by putting everything in the clouds and social medias. Many of this valuable knowledge and memories are kept in the social medias, forgotten and never get to be shared with others.

Luckily for everyone, there exist blogging systems. Many have been tempted to write a blog but couldn’t find good reasons why they should write or continue writing one.

Below are 9 of the reasons why I think you should start writing a blog.

  1. Writing a Blog is Easy Nope! Writing a blog is not rocket science and it does not require you to be a Computer Science graduate to start a blog.

Anyone who can write emails is also capable of writing a blog. Blogging is about sharing what you know and what you’re learning; no matter it is for your own personal records or to help others.

I like to look at writing a blog as a way to keep records on interesting things I do that I thought it is worth keeping a record for.

The only hard part is setting up your blog for the first time.

Update: I have written a guide to help you with starting a blog here.

If you are using WordPress, you don’t have to worry about HTML and other languages you don’t know. All you have to do is, choose a theme for your blog, customize it and start writing.

  1. It Helps You Write and Communicate Better Many of us are not especially good at writing or communicating with others.

When you write a blog, you will have to think of the words and sentences to express your thoughts and ideas in a way that people can understand you.

Eventually, the more consistent you write on your blog, the better your writing, and communicating skills will become.

Think of it as a way to “personal train” yourself, so that you can become better at delivering your ideas and thoughts to your peers.

  1. You’ll Become an Expert of What You Write A blog allows you to develop your thoughts and ideas around a particular topic that you write about.

This will lead you to learn more and communicate with others on the same topic. This can build a unique expertise, which might just lead to new businesses or career opportunities.

9 Reasons You Should Write a Blog

  1. You’ll Help A Lot of People Yes, this is true. Try to imagine this.

You’re a blogging mother who happens to write about infant caring tips and experiences on your blog.

Some first-time mother-to-be from the other side of the world may just be looking for advice on the Internet and they reached your blog.

Or maybe you are just writing about your professional job experiences and someone who were looking for advice on their career advancement found what they needed to know from your blog.

With so many topics in so many different paths of life, whatever you are planning to write about on your blog will definitely be helping many others.

  1. Blogging Will Make You, a Better You! The more you grow your audiences around your blog topic, the more committed you will become, into writing more high-quality contents, more consistently.

This helps to make you a better person by cultivating your disciplines and commitments towards writing something you truly love and knows about.

You will also become more responsible to your audiences on what you deliver to them.

At the same time, your audiences’ feedbacks may also help you to improve what you already know.

  1. You’ll Become More Confident Throughout the process of your blogging, you will become more confidence about yourself and your knowledge on the topics you write about.

You get to recognize and build your strengths while also admit and improve on your weaknesses.

You will grow your confidence as your blog grow.

  1. You’ll Become More Creative Writing a blog will boost your creativity.

Writing a blog allows you to think of different ways to present ideas to your audiences.

It pushes you to be resourceful with the topics you write about. You imagine better, create ideas that challenge norms and share your genius with others.

  1. It Can Become Your Business This is absolutely true!

There are many bloggers around the world who turned their passions into blogging, then into a business of their own.

Some, even managed to bring in millions of dollars annually through their blogs.

Imagine you get to do what you love to do every day, any time you want, and still make a living out of it. How great is that?!

And that’s not where it stops, as you keep growing your passions on the topic you write about, so does your blog.

Your blog will become a business that keeps growing with you as you become an expert on the topic you write.

  1. You’ll Have A Lot of Freedoms Writing a blog is not only easy.

It also gives you a lot of freedoms. You get to choose when you want to write it, where in the world you want to write it and what you want to write about. And you will have ample of time for your family!

So there you are nine great reasons why you should start writing a blog.

Has any of the reasons above convinced you to start writing a blog?

Let us know in the comment below!

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